Sunday, May 26, 2024

Kunkuyu says it is Hypocritical for Nyekhwe Advocate APM to Address Political Violence

Moses Kunkuyu: Minister of Information and Digitization as well as Government Spokesperson

In a scathing retort, Moses Kunkuyu, the Campaign Director for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Minister of Information, has lambasted DPP President Professor Peter Mutharika, asserting that Mutharika’s advocacy for ‘Nyekhwe’ during his tenure in the statehouse strips him of any moral high ground to address political violence.

With biting sarcasm, Kunkuyu, acknowledging Mutharika’s status as a former president, responded to Mutharika’s recent commentary on the nation’s political and socio-economic landscape. Mutharika lamented a purported leadership crisis in Malawi, suggesting that despite President Lazarus Chakwera’s incumbency, the nation has veered off course.

Unleashing a torrent of words, Kunkuyu underscored the constitutional freedom of expression but promptly highlighted Mutharika’s past endorsement of ‘Nyekhwe,’ an ominous call to action that historically signaled DPP loyalists to resort to physical violence against political adversaries.

In a biting dig, Kunkuyu welcomed Mutharika’s bid to vie for the presidency in 2025, sarcastically questioning whether Mutharika possesses the endurance to face Malawian voters again after his previous ousting due to governance failures, implying that Malawians may be reluctant to repeat the experience of an absent leader.


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