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Jacob Zuma’s medical parole declared unlawful

Jacob Zuma’s medical parole declared unlawful

The Pretoria High Court set aside the decision to place Jacob Zuma on medical parole, ordering the former president to return to prison, eNCA reports.

The choice to place Zuma on medical parole was made by former Correctional Services commissioner Arthur Fraser, one which the Court determined to be illegitimate.

“The decision of the first respondent (Mr Arthur Fraser at the time) to place the third respondent on medical parole, taken on September 5, 2021, is reviewed, declared unlawful and set aside,” the judgment read.

Zuma was initially imprisoned during July, 2021 for refusing to obey a court order to appear before a commission of inquiry into the government and private sector corruption which flourished during his presidency.

He was admitted to an outside hospital for medical observation.

In a statement carried on Twitter, the department of correctional services said the healthcare needs of the former president required “the involvement of the South African Military Health Services“.

Zuma’s jailing triggered widespread violence in two of South Africa’ provinces.

Looters vandalised shopping malls, other retail outlets, businesses, factories and infrastructure with over 1,000 people arrested as a result.


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