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Dzaleka Camp to be decongested as Chitipa chief Mwenewanya allocates land for refugee camp

Land allocated

Senior Chief Mwenewenya of Chitipa has allocated customary land at Mselema Village in the district for a proposed refugee camp.

A delegation from the Ministry of Homeland Security, Department of Refugees, and Malawi Police Service on Sunday toured the proposed campsite.

Speaking after the tour, Senior Chief Mwenewenya said the land has been given to the government because traditional leaders are willing to work towards the government’s aspirations.

He, therefore, asked the government to speed up the implementation of the project.

The camp will bring with it amenities such as a health center, school, and road network that will benefit communities surrounding the camp.

He further appealed to the government to put strict measures in screening refugees to avoid accommodating rebels and military people from war-torn countries.

Principal Secretary responsible for Legal Affairs in the Ministry of Homeland Security, Dr Steven Kayuni said government and other stakeholders will speed up establishment of the camp.

“Speed is of the essence so that we have a refugee camp in Chitipa. This is a good piece of land, which is vast enough to decongest Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Commissioner for Refugees in the Department of Refugees, General Ignacio Maulana (Rtd) said the Department will discuss with security agencies such Malawi Police Service, and Malawi Defence Force about security issues raised.


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