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DPP rides on the wave to push for ACB Martha Chizuma ouster

Martha Chizuma, DPP, ACB


Capitalizing on the seemingly bad working relationship between the Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, the Director of Public Prosecution Steve Kayuni against the Anti-Corruption Bureau Director, Martha Chizuma, as evidenced by the Minister of Justice summoning the trio for a reconciliatory meeting, the Shire Times investigation can reveal that the embattled opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) operatives have joined the fray amidst this confusion to push for the ouster of the ACB Czarina, Chizuma.

The investigation reveals that after getting the  wind of the warrant of arrest obtained against former DPP Minister of Homeland Security Cecilia Chazama and other immigration officers for abuse of power following the irregular recruitments of assistant immigration officers, high ranking DPP operatives hatched a plan to frustrate the ACB operations by announcing, through their proxies, that they will stage demonstrations to force the appointing authority, President Lazarus Chakwera, to fire Chizuma.

“The high ranking DPP officials met at the residence of the DPP presidential candidates to strategize on what they would do to expedite the decapitating of the head of Martha Chizuma. Kalindo’s name was suggested to lead a wave of ceaseless protests to oust Chizuma but it was ruled out.

“Then came the suggestion to let the likes of Fryson Chodzi, Bright Kampaundi, and Robert Mkwezalamba champion the cause but it was resolved these play in the background as they are fresh from launching similar operations to shield the Sattar,” disclosed our source privy to the discussions on condition of strict anonymity.

Then little known DPP cadets, it was resolved, were to masquerade as Human Rights activists, under the banner of “Nzika Zokhudzidwa” in the name of Agape Khombe, who is affiliated to Hetherwick Ntaba, Fredrick Malata, and Redson Munlo, pledged to organize a series of demonstrations with the aim of forcing the ouster of Chizuma. They accuse the ACB Director of breaching her oath of office in the wake of the leaked audio which suggested casting aspersions against some quarters in the fight against corruption.


“It’s a deception strategy. Chizuma should lose focus by leading the fight from multiple fronts,” said the source.

A political commentator, Joel Tonde, said is equally concerned about why people are still agitating for the ouster of Chizuma saying this will derail the fight against corruption.

“Everyone knows that President Chakwera pardoned Chizuma’s conduct over the leaked video clip and has time and again pledged his support for her in the fight against corruption. The continued fuss against her is therefore troubling as one would think is an act of corruption fighting back,” said Tonde.

Martha Chizuma, rose to the position of ACB Director, having performed better as Ombudsman. She came on the scene with a promise to make those who do corruption ‘uncomfortable’ and true to her pronouncement, the corrupt have become uncomfortable with them now regrouping to fight to protect their interests hence crippling the ACB director. However, Chizuma appears to be unfazed by the opposition vowing to push forward to decisively deal with corruption.





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