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DPP Infighting Escalates: Court Application Seeks to Nullify Nkopola Declarations

Kondwani Nankhuma; floored

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is facing intensified internal conflicts, and the latest development involves a court application before High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza. Four claimants, namely Kondwani Nankhumwa (Leader of the Opposition and Vice President of the Party in the South), Grelzeder Jefrey (Secretary General), Jappie Mhango, and Yusuf Nthenda, are seeking an order from the court to invalidate the proceedings and resolutions made during the party’s recent National Governing Council meeting at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi recently.

One of the contentious resolutions made at Nkopola was the decision to disqualify any person who had previously sued the DPP from being eligible as a candidate for the party’s forthcoming national convention. The claimants argue that this resolution is unconstitutional as it is against the constitution of Malawi which guarantees every person the right to seek court remedy when one’s rights have been infringed upon.

Another resolution that has sparked controversy is the proposal to introduce party membership cards reminiscent of the old Malawi Congress Party (MCP) system, which was deeply disliked by Malawians and ultimately led to the party’s removal from power in 1994.

The court has scheduled the hearing for the matter on 10th August 2023.



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