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DPP ghosts of bad treatment come to haunt them; stopped at College of Medicine

DPP Ordered to have convention in 90 days

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Antony claims that “the evil that men do lives after them.” This is true and in the case of the erstwhile Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), such evil has found a way to haunt and torment them as what they did to the opposition when they were high on an ivory tower in government is exactly what those who are in power today are doing to them—probably a beautiful tit-for-tat scenario to watch for us in the terraces.

The news is that the party has been told to go look for another venue elsewhere for their Blue Night Fundraising Dinner and Dance which was scheduled to take place this Saturday, 18th February 2023 at the government-owned College of Medicine Sports Complex in the Commercial-Blantyre.

“The Democratic Progressive Party is greatly shocked with the callous actions of the government of Malawi Congress Party (sic) in threatening and subsequently stopping Malawi College of Medicine to host a duly contracted Fundraising Dinner Dance that the DPP hand scheduled for Saturday 18th February 2023. These actions of the MCP government are reminiscent of the dark days of the Malawi Congress Party which we fought against in 1994 to usher in democratic freedoms in Malawi,” in part reads a statement signed by the party spokesperson Shadric Namalomba.

Now wait a minute, the above part of the statement is first written in a very careless and or casual manner incoherent and rumbling as it sounds. Sound, if DPP through this statement thought it would draw public sympathy to themselves, then they have goofed big time. The truth of the matter is that DPP when it was in power used to do exactly the same things. In short, they are just made to test their own bitter pill which they used to administer to others.

Therefore, to argue that what has happened to them is a return to the MCP dark days is just outright foolish. What they were sowing, they are reaping now. It appears in politics that the rule is tit-for-tat. So, there it is, just do the dinner and dance fundraising at PAGE House in Mangochi but this attempt to paint MCP bad on this issue has just backfired to them spectacularly.

The party has since canceled the function to a date to be announced in the future. Is that not beautiful for this party to learn lessons so it can behave in a progressive way as its name suggests if it happens to take over the reins of power one day?

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