Monday, April 22, 2024

Court suits overwhelmed Norman Chisale plans to contest as MP in 2025


Norman Paulos Chisale, the controversial and scandal-laden former bodyguard of Malawi President Peter Mutharika has sent a political signal that he intends to contest as Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Central Constituency whose current Member of Parliament is Albert Mbawala. A branded vehicle showing his portrait and the portrait of Democratic Progressive Party  President Peter Mutharika has been seen in Ntcheu roaming around.

Chisale, a not-so-properly educated who is answering charges of forging academic qualifications among other fraud and or corrupt charges became so popular during the Peter Mutharika regime and is believed to be one of the people who was manipulating President Mutharika.

In the case where President Mutharika’s TPN number was being abused to import thousands of bags of cement, Chisale is involved. Chisale, according to sources at the then state house, was so popular to such an extent that he was one of the people who engineered the candidature of one Everton Chimulirenji, him of questionable credentials, to be Mutharika’s running-mate who ended up becoming Vice President of the Republic of Malawi that never was.

Chisale’s 2025 Parliamentary ambitions will depend on whether he will be convicted or acquitted in his numerous court cases which are hanging on his head. If convicted, then his ambitions to become a Member of Parliament will have to wait for the next seven years.


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