Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Confusion in Malawi First camp as Kalindo brands Ben Longwe serial beggar

Kalindo fired

Like a house built on shaky foundations, it easily collapses with any wind, however slightest. This is the case of the so called Malawi First grouping of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Politicians masquerading as Human Rights Activists whose activism is stomach based.

Akin to how enemies are scatted in the Bible, Bon Kalindo and his former comrades now turned foes are now in self-destruction mode. Ben Longwe and Munlo on one hand announced that they have ousted Kalindo from his position as Chairperson of the grouping citing lack of sound leadership from the comedian cum accidental political activists. On the other hand, Bon Kalindo has come out with guns blazing, aiming at the vocal Ben Longwe, accusing him of being a coward who is operating from South Africa as opposed to Malawi where Kalindo is operating and also accused him of being a serial beggar who cannot sustain himself.

Tensions within the Malawi First grouping have escalated, confirming the suspicions of those who have asserted from the outset that the group is essentially a gathering of disgruntled mercenaries aligned with the opposition DPP.




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