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Chakwera’s Innovative Solution to youth unemployment rolls out as Malawi Launches Labor Export to Tackle Unemployment


If you thought President Lazarus wasn’t concerned about Malawian youth, think again. Chakwera, the thoughtful leader, recognizes that Malawi’s population is largely young. Given the economic mismanagement under the ousted Peter Mutharika DPP regime, creating ample job opportunities domestically poses challenges.

Thinking innovatively, the President opted to export labor, aiming to generate foreign exchange to bolster the local economy and simultaneously combat poverty. It’s a proactive move: should the youth stay unemployed in the country or gain job opportunities and exposure in friendly foreign nations?

Kudos to the Chakwera administration for initiating the sending of youth to various countries for employment prospects. The Ministry of Labour’s statement, signed by Secretary Wezie Kaira, mentions multiple sectors under consideration, with the initial group focusing on agriculture.

“The general public is hereby informed that the Government has embarked on the export of labour to various countries including lsrael,” he said.

According to the statement, the labour export program is an initiative of the government in collaboration with the private sector to fulfil the administration’s commitment to job creation and youth empowerment as championed by President Dr. Lazarus McCathy Chakwera.

“Under the labour export program, the government would like to inform the public that the safety and security of the youth is paramount. On the Israel labour export, the youth will work at certified and approved locations which are classified as fit and safe environment,” reads the statement in part.

According to the statement, in addition, medical insurance and repatriation arrangements have been put in place for the youth involved.

“AIl labour exports are guided by Malawi Government’s Labour Export Program and Harmonized Labour Export Guidelines of 2022,” reads the statement.

According to the statement, so far the first cohort of the youth from various parts of the country have been granted an opportunity to work in Israel and will leave anytime since
all the clearances have been granted. More youth are expected to be engaged in this program.

Government has since assured Malawians that the identified youth will work on farms
and will not be involved in any other activity.

“This program will benefit both individuals and the nation. A portion of wages
will cover living cost in Israel, while the remainder will be remitted to personal accounts here in Malawi to boost foreign exchange,” reads the statement.

What the statement is saying is clear contrast with what Opposition leader Kondwani Nankhumwa said that the youth are going to Israel to fight the Hamas in Gaza.

According to media reports, the war in Israel has mostly affected the Gaza area while the Malawian workers will be stationed in the interior of Israel which is a safe zone to live and work.


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