Monday, February 26, 2024

Chakwera Delivers: Malawian Youth to Earn $1,500 Monthly on Israeli Farms

President Chakwera and Israeli Prime Minister

The then newly elected Malawian President  lazarus Chakwera in 2020 made a clear declaration of friendship between Malawi and Israel, expressing readiness to establish an embassy in Jerusalem. This move, seemingly surprising to some on the African content, was grounded in a historical and ongoing sympathy towards Israel within the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Previous collaborations during the reign of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, father and founder of the Malawi nation further solidified this connection, which President Lazarus Chakwera continues.

Israel’s decision to employ Malawian youth in its farms signifies a deep trust in Malawi’s friendship and security measures. Nearly 200 youths are bound for Israel in an export deal, offering them a chance to earn $1500 monthly—a positive shift from idling on the streets or seeking uncertain opportunities.

This isn’t an isolated event; it’s part of a longstanding exchange program between the two nations outlined in the Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA). This reciprocal arrangement, where both countries exchange workforces, has significantly benefited Malawi, especially in agricultural advancements like irrigation techniques gleaned from Israel.

Sending Malawian youth to Israel isn’t new; what’s different is the increased number—up from the previous 40 beneficiaries to now 200, aligning with President Chakwera’s focus on job creation and youth empowerment.

This practice isn’t exclusive to Malawi; other countries, like Sri Lanka, also send their citizens to Israel for work, aiming to alleviate poverty and create opportunities.

The Malawian youths, previously unemployed and wandering, stand to gain $1500 monthly, representing a significant improvement in their lives.


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