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By endorsing APM, 2025 will see DPP’s tombstone unveiling

Former President Arthur Peter Mutharika

By Sitilitha Mpembenji

On July 3, 2023, the erstwhile ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) had an opportunity to resuscitate the party which has been in a coma since it got booted out of government in 2020. Corruption, nepotism, executive arrogance, and thuggery by DPP notorious cadets saw Malawians rallying behind Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in the fresh presidential election, sanctioned by both the High Court and Supreme Court. Since then, political mayhem has been the order of the day in the former ruling party. The battle for presidency has reached the climax; camps have emerged leaving the party in an awkward position to challenge the mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in next election.

In response to the nasty situation, the party held its National Governing Council meeting (NGC) on July 3, in Mangochi district. People were expecting nothing but concrete resolution to strengthen the party so as to reclaim the lost competitive edge over MCP. However, the delegates pulled a shocker by endorsing former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the party’s 2025 torch bearer.

For starters, Mutharika presided over a government that was corrupt to the core, nepotistic and arrogant to alternative views. It was his government that saw a mere bodyguard Norman Chisale amassing a fleet of posh cars within two years of shining president’s shoes at State House. It was his administration that saw mere DPP dancers enjoying salaries for Bachelor’s degree holder in the civil service. It was his government that saw DPP cadets (thugs) becoming instant millionaires. Therefore, the basic explanation for why some DPP gurus want APM to return to the presidency of the country is that DPP is still in the business of corruption, and a slumbering leader creates a conducive environment.

Even though the current MCP administration may not have kept all of its campaign promises, DPP stands millions of miles away from being a trusted option to manage the state affairs, and putting APM at the helm confirms the demise of the party that used to enjoy massive support across the country. This is consistent with response to the same from renowned pollical analyst Wonderful Mkhutche’s. “Endorsing Mutharika is the same as withdrawing from elections in 2025,” he said in an interview with Zodiak. To extend Mkhutche’s point, I would say by endorsing APM, 2025 is for DPP’s tombstone unveiling.

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