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Bushiri’s Mega Farm in Mchinji Leaves Agriculture Minister Spellbound

Goshen Farms

The resurgence of agriculture in the country, once undermined by past UDF, PP and DPP regimes, now shines brightly under the stewardship of the ruling Malawi Congress Party, renowned as the epitome of agricultural prowess among all political factions in Malawi.

During his visit to the illustrious Goshen Mega Farm in Mchinji owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale expressed profound admiration for the burgeoning trend of private mega farms, heralding a new era of farm mechanization within the country.

He lauded the remarkable achievements of Goshen Farm in Mchinji, recognizing its pivotal role in uplifting rural communities through job creation and economic prosperity. Spearheaded by Goshen Farms Limited, under the visionary leadership of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the sprawling 300-hectare maize field stands as a testament to ambition and ingenuity.

Kawale commended Bushiri’s dual accomplishments in both wealth generation and community empowerment, particularly within the environs of Traditional Authority Dambe in Mchinji, where numerous individuals have found gainful employment.

Bushiri emphasized the importance of inviting the Minister of Agriculture to witness firsthand the transformative endeavors of Goshen Farms, paving the way for tailored extension services crucial for the farm’s imminent foray into irrigation farming post-harvest.

“We aspire to explore irrigation techniques to optimize land utilization, potentially yielding two to three bountiful harvests annually,” remarked Bushiri, underscoring the farm’s commitment to agricultural innovation.

With a vast expanse of 700 hectares of arable land, Goshen Farm anticipates a bumper harvest exceeding 6000 metric tons this year, as projected by the Managing Director, Kate Kusakala, signaling a bright future of agricultural abundance and prosperity.


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