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APM’s Desperation Unveiled: Victor Musowa Dispatched on Apology Mission to Mulanje Central Governor Ngalande

Peter Mutharika

Within the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Peter Mutharika is exalted to the status of a quasi-deity, demanding worship akin to a religious rite. The recent repercussion of expelling Kondwani Nankhumwa from the party has rippled through the Southern Region and his (Nankhumwa’s) Mulanje Central Constituency like a boomerang.

In this unfolding drama, the misguided Victor Musowa was dispatched as an emissary to cajole DPP governor for Mulanje Central Constituency, Smart Ngalande, into renouncing allegiance to Kondwani Nankhumwa and embracing unwavering loyalty to the DPP. Contrary to expectations, Musowa’s attempts to sway Ngalande were feeble, to the extent that Ngalande rebuffed him and issued a veiled threat, suggesting Musowa might face electoral oblivion in 2025—an assertion that left Musowa in a state of retreat.

Insiders from the DPP circles reveal that Mutharika is now grappling with remorse over the expulsion of Nankhumwa. His dispatching of emissaries can be perceived as a desperate endeavor to mend the breaches in the party’s unity.

Meanwhile, Nankhumwa, resolute in his stance, has directed his loyal supporters that there is no turning back. In a perplexing turn of events, Mutharika, rather than offering contrition, is demanding apologies from those who bore the brunt of his irrational decision. The evident confusion within Mutharika’s inner circle, exacerbated by individuals like Namalomba, adds another layer of bewilderment.

Analysts, such as Joseph Masina, Senior Political Analyst at Shire Times, foresee a foreboding fate for the DPP. He opines, “All the tumult within the DPP will inevitably culminate in one outcome—a further debilitation of the party. This, in turn, presents an opportunity for the MCP to secure a decisive 50% plus one majority in the initial round of the 2025 elections, consigning the DPP to opposition status until 2030.”

 “DPP, if not careful will be consigned to the opposition until 2030 and perhaps beyond” – Joseph Masina: Shire Times’ Senior Political Analyst



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