Thursday, July 18, 2024

Another student suicide case at University of Malawi in Zomba: Elliam Chimpapa

It is now a month since Chancellor College opened for its second semester but in this period, the institution has registered two suicide deaths and one attempted suicide. The two boys hanged themselves in the Intellectual Village of Chikanda in the city with the girl being rescued when she was rushed to the hospital where they flushed out the poisonous drug she took.

The latest suicide case took place last night involving a second-year student named Elliam Chimpapa known on Facebook as ipen Official. The deceased hailed from Madisi in Dowa.

For the two boys, apparently, Shire Times has learnt that they were wallowing in financial challenges. The Facebook screenshots Shire Times have seen show that he had for a long time been contemplating killing himself arguing he had lots of problems since secondary school. It appears his fellow students as well as university authorities including his guardians never took his mental breakdown seriously.

“Many students are facing problems because it appears our parents and or guardians have run away from the responsibility of providing for their sons and daughters.  The end result, the challenges are eating away the students slowly and at the end, they decide to kill themselves.”

“Economically, we are all facing challenges to survive but parents with children at universities must know that life is pretty tough these days than it used to be when the government was feeding and accommodating the students. If parents do not wake up to check on their sons and daughters, to provide for them, then the result will be that these cases will continue on the part of boys and sexual immorality will also be at its peak on the part of their female children because these people called ‘Blessers’ move literally like angry lions ready to devour your vulnerable daughters. It is not their fault, it is your fault parents for abandoning your sons and daughters,” said a fourth-year student who opted for anonymity.



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