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Advise to newly appointed Mzuzu University Vice Chancellor Prof. Wales Singini

Professor Wales Singini-New Mzuni Vice Chancellor

Professor Wales Singini has assumed the position of Vice Chancellor at Mzuzu University, taking over from Professor John Kalenga Saka, whose term as Vice Chancellor expired.

Prior to his appointment, Professor Singini held the position of Director of Research at the university, making this promotion a significant milestone in his career. On the other hand, Professor Saka, who previously held the position of Vice Chancellor at the University of Malawi, was later appointed as Vice Chancellor at Mzuzu University, showcasing his esteemed career trajectory.

Professor Wales Singini’s journey to this prestigious position began with humble origins, as he worked with the CCAP Livingstonia Synod Development Department before joining Mzuzu University as a Lecturer. He steadily advanced in his career, eventually achieving the rank of Professor and also serving as the Dean of Environmental Sciences. This progression is a testament to his dedication and expertise in the academic field.

Timely Advice

Congratulations, Professor Wales Singini, from the Shire Times Investigative team! We extend our best wishes for a successful tenure as Vice Chancellor of Mzuzu University. Our hope is that the university undergoes a transformation under your leadership. We encourage you to take inspiration from the University of Malawi’s efficient and timely processing, handling, and release of examinations. Unlike the current state at your institution, which has been characterized by disorganization and unprofessionalism, we trust that you will implement measures to improve the examination procedures.

Sir, Students at your institution have expressed a shared concern, which our media group has received on numerous occasions, regarding the handling of examinations—from the writing phase to the release of results. After thorough investigation and verification, we have concluded that this process leaves a lot to be desired. It seems that lecturers are treated with excessive leniency, to the detriment of the students. Our findings suggest that either the lecturers are ungovernable or the university’s management has been ineffective in enforcing regulations.

One glaring issue we discovered is that lecturers are not bound by strict timeframes for marking examinations, leading to delays in the release of results. Instead of adhering to predetermined deadlines set by the university’s management, the release of examination results is solely dependent on the lecturers’ individual pace of marking.

Moreover, there is significant uncertainty surrounding the scheduling and processing of supplementary examinations at your institution. Students are faced with the inconvenience of writing supplementary examinations for a previous semester during the middle or end of a new semester when they should be focusing on their current studies.

We sincerely hope that you, as the new Vice Chancellor, will address these pressing concerns and take necessary actions to restore the esteemed reputation of Mzuzu University. We extend our best wishes for your success in this endeavor.

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