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Ada Mike Mazera on the rise with Tonga poetry

Poet Ada Mike Mazera


South Africa-based Malawian poet Mike Mazera is quickly rising to stardom following the release of his creative work that does not only offer one great aesthetic feeling but also is rich with themes in tandem with people’s day-to-day lives.

On Mother’s Day, for instance, Mazera, 26, well-known on social media platforms as ‘Tonga Poet Ada Mike Mazera, released two poems ‘Ama’ and ‘Doo’ that revolve around mothers.

Despite being in the Tonga language as are the other over 300 poems he has produced, Mazera’s creative rigour is formidable and unsurpassed such that his work appeals even to the non-Tonga’s.

‘Ama’ is a sad poem that is dedicated to all those whose mothers or mother figures have gone before them, leaving them motherless. In the poem, the persona savors the moments one had with their long-gone mothers. The tone the poem employs cannot help one but shed a tear.

On the other hand, ‘Doo’ is a dedication piece to all mothers and mother figures still living. It is a celebration of a mother’s unwavering kindness and love in spite of the hardships they endure in bringing up children.

‘Ama’ and ‘Doo’ can be found on the following links: https://youtu.be/v2Vj4mc9XTI and https://youtu.be/5P1s84_DItg

He told Shire Times that he is always inspired by everyday life happenings.

“Not long ago, I did a piece titled ‘Uchanda’ not long ago to sensitize masses on the cholera epidemic. That was when the first cases were established in Nkhata Bay. The feedback was amazing as people were able to download it on YouTube and listen to it on various community radios in the country. My dream is to reach out to people at the grassroots,” Mazera said.

Mazera’s manager, Alfred Njikho, said they would soon be rolling out different projects including a performance in Nkhata Bay in December.

“He is that kind of an artist who longs to preserve the Tonga culture through its language. Much as many people do not understand Tonga, they will still be amused because of the creativity and style involved,” said Njikho.



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