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Abida Mia renews hope for reduced cross-border crimes

There are expectations for scaling up efforts to eliminate cross-border crimes including child trafficking in Chikwawa following the construction of Kunyinda Police Post in Mkumaniza area in the district.

According to the Member of Parliament for Chikwawa Nkombedzi Constituency Abida Sidik Mia, the construction of the police post will lessen the burden for at least 5000 people from this area covering a distance of about 50 kilometers to Ngabu Police Unit for services.

Mia has put up this modern structure that has cells and offices using K30 million from Constituency Development Fund-CDF.

Before this, police officers used to conduct their operations in a below-standard grass-thatched structure; still raising insecurity fears among communities in the area.

South East Region Deputy Commissioner of Police, Stain Bamusi Chaima hails Mia for the intervention; stressing the officers need smart and conducive environments.

“Previously, we were not able to detain suspects in our thatched grass shelter. Many thanks to the MP of the area for the commendable task,” said Chaima when handing over the building.

Mia, who is also the Water and Sanitation Minister, reveals she will soon construct staff houses at the facility and ensure there is electricity.

“I am able to complete different projects following the increase of CDF funds. Shortly, I will hand over Misewu Folo Police Unit,” said Mia.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Ngabu has called on communities to develop a sense of ownership and refrain from incidents of vandalism and mob justice.

” I don’t want to hear mob justice cases as communities from Chapananga recently did by setting ablaze their own police. It is shameful news,” warned the chief.

Construction of the Kunyinda Border Police Post dates back to 2019.

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