Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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155 Years in Jail for Killing Man with Albinism

The criminals being taken to prison after sentence


The Country’s High Court has sent a strong message to peprtrators of abduction and killing of people with albinism by sentencing three men in Mangochi district to a total of 155 and half years in prison after they were found guilty of killing Saidi Dyton, a man with albinism.

Judge Mzondi Mvula found the three guilty of all three charges they faced, including murder (for which they were sentenced to 68 and half years in prison), human tissue extraction (for which they were sentenced to 48 and half years in prison), and human trafficking (for which they were sentenced to 38 and half years in prison).

The three, James Pilo Khang’a, 71, Sumaila Umaila Nikisi, 45, and Gayesi Katupe, 44, will serve their sentences concurrently, according to Judge Mvula.

Dyton was murdered on January 27 last year, and his body was placed in a bag while the killers searched for a buyer in zomba.

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