Tuesday, May 30, 2023

US, Iceland, World Bank set trust fund to help vulnerable Malawians

US AMbassodor David Young and Malawi's Finance Minister alongside other dignitaries after the signing ceremony

The United States government through its Embassy in the capital Lilongwe, the government of Iceland, and the World Bank have partnered with the Malawi government in setting up a fund to help the most vulnerable Malawians. The name of the Trust fund is called Malawi Social Protection Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

In a statement on its Facebook page,  the Us Embassy Lilongwe says “through USAID Malawi we are contributing $4.4 million (4.5 billion Malawi Kwacha), to kickstart the trust fund and support the Government of Malawi to scale up and strengthen existing shock responsive safety nets and their delivery systems.”

According to the US Embassy, “The trust fund will enable the Government of Malawi to provide unconditional cash transfers to the most vulnerable Malawians and deliver cash for work to households at risk of extreme hunger.”

The US is one of Malawi’s traditional development partners.

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