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US embassy cracks whip on Sattar-embroiled officials as Chilima’s case rages on

Matemba: Banned

The United States has taken a firm stance against corruption, signaling a serious crackdown on alleged corrupt individuals in Malawi. In a significant move, the US Department of State announced yesterday that it would ban these individuals from entering the United States.

The targeted individuals, implicated in the case involving businessman Zunneth Sattar, include former solicitor general Reyneck Matemba, former chairperson for the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority John Suzi-Banda, former Malawi Police Service lawyer Mwabi Kaluba, and former Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service George Kainja.

These, according to the statement, which appears to conclusively assert guilty of the accused persons, the named individuals are “generally ineligible for entry into the United States, due to their involvement in significant corruption.”

It adds: “Matemba, Suzi-Banda, Kaluba, and Kainja abused their public positions by accepting bribes and other articles of value from a private businessperson in exchange for awarding a government procurement contract for the Malawi Police Service”

“The United States stands with Malawians working towards a more just and prosperous nation by promoting accountability for corrupt officials, including advocating for transparency and integrity in government procurement processes.’

The Department has stated that the restrictions also apply to the spouses of the suspects.

The development comes across the path of the Courts in Malawi who are yet to conclude cases related to the specified allegations against he named individuals, who also include Saulosi Chilima whose case is currently on the court’s peddles.

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