Monday, May 27, 2024

Trouble brewing at University of Malawi with fee hike: ‘We will rebuke demonic forces again’

Sajidu- Unima Vice Chancellor

The University of Malawi has announced a fee increment in the 2023-2024 academic year. In a Press Statement released on Wednesday, the University said has increased fees from MK350,000 for undergraduate students to MK650,000 and from MK850,000 for mature students to MK1,000,000.

However, this increment has not gone down well on the part of the student body who have vowed that  they rise above adversity and that they ‘will rebuke demonic forces again.”

“Just as we believed the University of Malawi was making progress with the academic calendar concessions, dark forces have once again conspired and implemented an unjust and outrageous tuition fee hike. The tuition fees obscenely raised from MK350,000 to MK650,000 for Generic Students, and from MK850,000 to MK1,000,000 for Mature Students have left me and the entire student community deeply disheartened,” wrote Humble CS Bondo, President of the University of Malawi students representative council to his fellow students.

Bondo assured the student community that on their command, hell-fire will rain at the University of Malawi again shall the university not act to their wishes, whose wishes he didn’t specify.

The University of Malawi this year was closed due to student’s demands not to have one semester in a year to which management succumbed. There were vigils at the University, a situation that led the management to close the school in defiance.  However, the students’ demand was met after President Lazarus Chakwera rebuked management for leading the university on the path of chaos.


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