Thursday, July 18, 2024

NRB Says Wont Entertain Requests to Change Date of Birth on National ID

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Faced with age restrictions imposed by potential employers like the Malawi Defence Force, Police, or Prison departments, which specify age ranges such as 24-26, many youthful Malawians have turned to the National Registration Bureau (NRB) in hopes of altering their birth dates. Yet, according to a press release made available to The Shire Times, NRB Principal Secretary Mak Sambo asserts that legal constraints prevent them from modifying personal information.

“NRB is informing the general public that it does not change or amend date of birth on individual’s records in the National Registration and identification system.

“Citizens are therefore asked to refrain from making requests to change date of birth as they will not be entertained,” reads the statement.


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