Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mutharika’s egoism & lack of Patriotism exposed

Peter Mutharika

Dear Editor,

During the height of cyclone Freddy, the Malawi leader in a spirit of solidarity and in a show that he is not a Mr. know it all person invited former Presidents to Sanjika palace in Blantyre to discuss on how best the situation was to be responded to.

Immediate past President Peter Mutharika refused to attend the meeting citing petty reasons for declining the same saying the problem at hand required technical people to solve and not politicians. Barely a month after the incident, Mutharika yesterday released a document he sent to the United Nations detailing how cyclone Freddy’s devastation can be contained claiming Malawi would need about 1.4 billion United States Dollars. The question now is, has he now become a technical guy and not a politician to make those suggestions? Why did he refuse to meet the incumbent President with the other former Presidents Joyce Banda and Bakili Muluzi?

This is why the Editorial by the Nation Newspaper yesterday reprimanded Mutharika for his ego and apparently lack patriotism.

Reads part of the Editorial:

“We find Mutharika’s report, though it might have been done in good faith, smells of trying to outshine the government’s report for their own glory. This smacks of lack of patriotism and egoistic.”



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