Thursday, July 18, 2024

Malawi leader Chakwera emphasizes inter-agency as corruption-fighting strategy

Nyirenda, Chizuma and Chamkakala being counseled on Inter-Agency

The Malawi Leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera today chaired a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Hon. Titus Mvalo, the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Ms. Colleen Zamba, the Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Masauko Chamkakala, and the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Ms. Martha Chizuma.

During the meeting, the President conveyed and reiterated his expectations regarding the interagency cooperation, collaboration, and coordination that the different institutions represented at the meeting must practice in order to make tangible progress in the advancement of the rule of law and the fight against corruption under his Administration.

When all was said and done, all the officers present committed themselves to adhere to the President’s direction and to the pursuit of a seamless partnership between the institutions to which he appointed them in the interest of Malawians.

There used to be infighting, bad blood, and pulling each other down syndrome between the ACB Director on one hand and the then Director of Public Prosecutions, Steven Kayuni, who was fired for masterminding the brutal arrest of the ACB Director with the Attorney General being also in the mix as one fanning the embers of discord between the offices. Malawians were fed up upon learning about this infighting as the net effect of it all amounted to a lack of progress in the fight against corruption. No wonder the President intervened to underscore the fact that there would never be a meaningful fight against corruption if these agencies work in silos and independently. Malawians hope the fight against corruption will be accelerated with this intervention.


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