Saturday, April 13, 2024

Fire at Nkhatabay Charity Office Sparks Suspicion

In the lakeside district of Nkhatabay, fire has gutted a building hosting a Charitable Organization situated opposite Chikale primary school, resulting in the destruction of property whose financial value remains undisclosed, Nkhata-Bay police authorities have confirmed.

Sergeant Kondwani James, the spokesperson for Nkhata-Bay police, disclosed in an interview that no casualties have been reported thus far. James elaborated that law enforcement is in the process of collating details regarding the fire’s origin and the extent of the havoc wrought.

Nevertheless, Malawians active on social media harbor skepticism, positing that this incident might be a meticulously orchestrated ploy aimed at concealing nefarious activities within the organization. The prevailing sentiment suggests a suspicion that when Malawians seek to conceal ill-gotten gains, such stratagems are frequently employed. Recollections are drawn to past events, notably at Capitol Hill, where a precedent existed of deliberately setting ablaze buildings to obliterate incriminating records during a particular former regime.


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