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Chakwera Leads Malawi in National Service of Worship as Chief Mbelwa shuns UTM parallel event


Today is 6th of July, 2024, a day of profound historical significance for Malawi, as she is commemorating the 60th anniversary of its hard-won independence from British colonial rule gotten in 1964.

Traditionally, this momentous occasion was supposed to be celebrated with grand festivities, traditional dances, a football match, and a myriad of entertainments that encapsulate the nation’s joyous liberation from the oppressive colonial era.

As the State President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera remarked during his speech at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC), this year’s celebrations were marked for occurrence at Bingu National Stadium (BNS) and a special guest who was to be a President of another country had already accepted invitation which was extended to him in February this year.

Yet, defeating all plans for the Diamond Jubilee event, a somber cloud hangs over the celebrations following a plane crash tragedy that occurred last month claiming the lives of the then Vice President Saulos Chilima and eight others.

In a sorrowful decision, President Chakwera decreed that the celebrations proceed without the usual fanfare but only National Service of Worship which has taken place at the BICC in the capital Lilongwe.

This “National Service of Worship” is a testament to the deep respect and reverence President Chakwera has consistently shown towards the fallen Vice President.

Shire Times Senior Political Analyst Joseph Masina has noted that President Chakwera’s pastoral background has been a beacon of hope during this bleak period.

“From his public appearances to his unifying speeches, President Lazarus Chakwera was truly presidential,” he said, encapsulating the admiration and respect the nation holds for its leader in these sorrowful times.

Meanwhile, Chiefs in Mzimba have not honoured the invitation of the misguided UTM officials who instead of attending the prayers have proceeded to organize a parallel event in Mzimba.

Click here for a full statement by His Excellency the State President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera during the 60th Independence Day Commemoration event on 6th July 2024 at BICC in Lilongwe

The State President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and State Vice President Dr. Michael Usi in attendance of the National Day of Prayers event


Ngoni Paramount Chiefs Mbwelwa of Mzimba and Gomani of Ntcheu having a light moment at the National Day of Prayers session in Lilongwe

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