Friday, July 12, 2024

Chakwera delivers as Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale launches 10th Mega Farm in Dowa

Sam Kawale on 10th Mega Farm

The Ministry of Agriculture has inaugurated the 10th Mega Farm through the Programme for Rural Irrigation Development (PRIDE) in Senior Chief Chakhaza’s area in Dowa district.

During the launch on yesterday, Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale proudly announced that the Dowa Dambo Irrigation scheme will stand as one of the country’s most advanced irrigation projects. The scheme spans 453 hectares and boasts five dams and 60 solar-powered irrigation pumps.

“This is the largest Mega Farm that President Chakwera is constructing in the area of Senior Chief Chakhaza as one way of eradicating hunger in Malawi. The project is being constructed with funding from the Government of Malawi and IFAD to the tune of 29 Billion Malawi Kwacha” said Kawale.

According to Kawale, the project is expected to be complete in 18 months and will benefit people of the area towards attaining 2063 vision by among others having enough food for their families, job creation, and earning foreign currency for the country.

President Lazarus Chakwera has been on record emphasizing on his commitment to establishing Mega Farms across the country in order to make Malawi a food basket for its citizens and other countries.


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