Thursday, July 18, 2024

Catholic Church Visits State House, Endorses Appointment of Usi New Veep


In a gesture of ardent solidarity, the Executive Permanent Council of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) has assured President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera of the Catholic Church’s ceaseless prayers and spiritual support during this period of national mourning.

The ECM made a pilgrimage to the State Palace today (25/06/2024), some six days before the period of national mourning comes to an end. President Lazarus Chakwera made a declaration of the 21-days’ period of morning from Tuesday, 11th June ending  Monday, 1st July 2024 following the death of the State Vice President and eight others in a tragic plane crash.

Leading a delegation to the Palace in Lilongwe, ECM President Desmond Tambala conveyed the Church’s heartfelt condolences to the Head of State and Government over the tragic loss of the late Vice President, the Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, and eight others.

“Our coming was to convey our condolences to the head of state but also to assure him of our prayers that as Catholic Church during this time, we are praying for him and also for the nation,” Tambala told the media after the meeting.

The ECM President emphasized that the Catholic community is also keeping the families of the deceased in their prayers, as the country grapples with the devastating aftermath of the plane accident.

During the interaction, President Chakwera took the opportunity to console the Catholic leaders, acknowledging Chilima’s devout membership in the Church. This gesture underscores the close-knit relationship between the government and the faith-based community, a partnership that holds profound significance in Malawi’s social and spiritual fabric.

Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Reverend Brian Kamwendo, praised the ECM’s visit, highlighting the importance of the Church’s spiritual support for the nation’s leadership during this period of profound loss and mourning.

The Catholic Church’s pledge to stand alongside President Chakwera and the people of Malawi reflects the enduring role of faith-based institutions in providing solace and strength in times of crisis. As the country navigates the path forward, this spiritual partnership can serve as a guiding light, bolstering the nation’s resilience and reinforcing the bonds that unite Malawians in their collective journey.

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